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    Autonomous Mobile Cobot - Roller Conveyor

    AMR meets Cobot!

    The AMC-RC is equipped with two separately controllable roller conveyors and is ideal for the horizontal transportation of KLTs or cartons.  It is suitable for use both on the shopfloor and in environments such as laboratories. The AMC-RC can be integrated into any master control system for order coordination and the roller conveyors can be controlled separately, allowing flexible handling of different load carriers and thus optimizing the transport process. With the help of a sophisticated system, operation is even safeguarded in the event of demolition edges or stairwells.

    By using the SLAM process (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) in conjunction with safety laser scanners and 3D cameras, the AMC-RC is able to navigate autonomously in complex environments. It constantly updates the map of its environment and simultaneously localizes itself in order to carry out precise movements.

    A particular advantage of this AMR is that no additional markers or special markings are required for navigation. This enables flexible and efficient use of the AMC-RC in different environments without the need for prior adjustments.
    In addition, we attach great importance to safety. The safety concept of the AMR meets performance level d, which means that it guarantees a high level of safety and therefore reliability during navigation and operation. This is particularly important in order to minimize potentially dangerous situations and ensure a smooth workflow.

    • Payload: 2x 15 kg
    • Vmax: 2,2 m/s
    • Positioning precision: +/- 10mm
    • WiFi, 5G, VDA5050

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