Base unit Linde P60/P80, STILL-LTX-70
Max. pull weight 8.000 kg (dep. Vmax)
Max. speed 10 km/h (dep. kgmax)

Max. trailer 6
Types On demand
Protection trailing curve DIN EN ISO 3691-4
Auto couple/decouple Auf Anfrage

Automation system SIEMENS PLC / ROS
Type of navigation SLAM
Positioning precision +/- 20 mm
Safety technology 2D liDAR Safety Scanner
Safety level Performance Level d
Complies with safety standard DIN EN ISO 3691-4
Cleaning system scanner Available (Outdoor)
3D-Camera Optional
Smart devices connection Optional
Unterfahr-FTF Übergabe Optional
Conveyor technology handover Optional

Type of battery Lithium-ion / lead-acid / fuel cell
Charging process Automatic charging / Manual change

VDA5050 Compatible
Connection WiFi, 4G/5G