Thanks to its modular design, the AMC-L can be flexibly adapted to the application. The AMC-L platform is the foundation for the customized torso designed. The type of robot is based on the specific tasks. With its own-developed grippers, the AMC-L mimics the existing manual motion sequences to minimze interventions in the existing processes. The patented 3 axis torso joint increases the AMC-L increased stability maintaining a minimal footprint, allowing us to operate under space constraints. We thus enable fully automated end-to-end process flows. Since we are operating with peers in the production environment, we are open and committed to interacting with other solutions on the stop floor through VDA 5050 interface compliance.

To enable rapid integration into your existing structures, the AMC-L is oriented around the human workspace. Our goal is to provide you with an automated end-to-end process chaining in order to be able to deploy valuable manpower elsewhere.

Dimension ⌀ 800 mm
Max. speed 2,2 m/s
Max. manipulation payload 20 kg
Max. trailing load 500 kg

Control hardware SIEMENS PLC
Type of navigation SLAM
Safety technology 2D/3D-camera
  Sick Microscan 3 Indoor

Application specific torso On demand
Robot arm standard UR 3/5/10/16/20
Robot arm application-specific On demand
Gripper application-specific On demand
Machine Vision 2D/3D application-specific On demand
Machine Learning application-specific On demand

Trailer On demand
Auto couple/decouple Yes

Type of battery Lithium-ion
Charging process Contacting 100%/1h

VDA5050 Compatible
Connection WiFi
ERP / WMS / WES application-specific Customer specification or standard

Standards CE Standard - UL ANSI auf Anfrage