The mobile platform has a differential drive technology with 4 omnidirectional support wheels.
It is designed to be cost effective with standard components, combine a minimal footprint and a maximum payload.
The base has two 360° safety scanners with variable, adjustable safety fields that permanently scan the surroundings depending on the speed of the platform.
For collision avoidance and machine protection, 2 additional 2D/3D cameras monitor the surroundings. For data protection reasons, the images are not stored.
The control concept is based on a Siemens safety PLC that safely integrates all sensors.
In addition to the proven collision avoidance, the platform offers as an option a tripping hazard protection for laboratory and hospital environments or elderly people care facilities.

Additional 360° mechanical buffers with proximity switches between chassis and floor ensure safe human-machine interaction.
The platform can be equipped with a unique patented 3 axis torso joint that increases the working envelope in both horizontal reach and height, realising the full potential of a mobile, heavy-duty, purpose-built modular platform.

Dimension ⌀ 800 mm
Max. speed 2,2 m/s
Max. payload 170 kg
Max. trailing load 500 kg

Control Hardware SIEMENS PLC
Type of navigation SLAM
Safety technology 2D/3D-camera
  Sick Microscan 3 Indoor

Available options roller conveyor

Trailer On demand
Auto couple/decouple Yes

Type of battery Lithium-ion
Charging process Contacting 100%/1h

VDA5050 Compatible
Connection WiFi

Standards CE / UL / CSA